Welcome to my perl index page

Here you can find my different small webpages coded in perl
Ticket 2011 Ticket / queue system
Music 2008 Here you can stream my music. Mostly made for my phone
Roll the dice 2009 Roll the dice!! Wow.. random everytime... that is just too coooool
TVtorrents search 2008 Here you can search for other people on TVtorrents to check out there favorits
ASCII Banner 2009 Here you can make your own ASCII banner with figlet
IPcalc 2009 Here you get direct access to /bin/ipcalc
Elinks 2008 This page is made for mobilephones and slow connections. The password is: webhemmelig
Learn swahili 2008 I made this page when I was in Africa and needed to learn som swahili words
My pictures 2006 One of my first webpages made in perl. Shows you my pictures
Contact 2008 I had to many unknown e-mail addresses, so I made this page and sent the URL to everyone
Debug/info 2008 A useless debug page. Gives you some info about your browser and my server
Upload files 2007 This ia page where you can upload bigger files that you cant send in a e-mail
Blog 2008 I made this blog in Africa, because WordPress timed out..to slow connection
The movie page 2008 People sent me movies and tv-shows. And I had to show them what I did not need
Resize images 2008 It's hard to download pictures in Africa, this page converted to smaller images
Upload and share 2007 A page to upload and share small files